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Su cuy'gar, welcome to Aliit Vhett.
    We are a clan of Mando'ade or Mandalorians on Tatooine on the Test Center server. We do a lot of combat missions, including GCW grinds on Restuss with getting Restuss Mandalorian armor. We are located in the city New Keldabe just 1200 south of the city Megaton. I am not the guild leader but part of the Aliit Vhett council, Skyfree is my main Jedi Mando'ade. Oranuka, Ackeved, and Kyramud are my alts. Kurron is our guild leader, or Mand'alor, as I like to call him. If you ever want to join Aliit Vhett, let me know ether on this sight, or in the game on the weekends. I currently have the recruiting rights to take any person in the guild and the city rights to have them place a house in New Keldabe.

    I will try to make a guide for anything remotely Mandalorian. For example, the language, Mando'a. I have used a lot in the first paragraph. That will be in the guide, also the way to "act" Mandalorian. And last but certainly not least is the Mandalorian History.

Thanks and jate'kara mando'ade (good luck mandalorians)
Guild News

Inactive playing

Sarkia II, Sep 28, 10 2:49 PM.
This post is to say that i will not be on for about a month tops.


Sarkia II, Sep 8, 10 5:44 PM.
Dont be fooled by my name on the guild page. That is just my live name minus the II part. No it's Skyfree, Jetii Mando'ad, Oranuka, Mando Medic, Ackeved, Mon Cal Mando'ad, and Kyramud, Assassin and Mando'ad. If anyquestions, respond to this post.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Sarkia II, Sep 7, 10 8:56 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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